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Dennis Franklin

Senior Property Manager

Hello, I am Dennis Franklin, the Senior Property Manager here at Verified Property Management.  I started my career off with a stint in the United States Navy a few years back.  It was in the military, that I learned the importance of structure and discipline.  These lessons have served me well through the years, and more so now with my current duties.
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Portia Franklin

Property Manager

Hi I am Portia Franklin, also known as the Property Girl. I started motherhood and marriage at 40.  What I've learned  is raising children in the beautiful chaos of  todays world requires community and a home.  Your house needs the space for you to do YOU and be filled with all kinds of possibility.  What's important is to...
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Sales Director

Hi I’m Chris. As the Sales Director of Verified Property Management, it’s my goal to make sure that we are meeting each customers individual wants and needs rather than one size fits all service. I’ve been a salesman since the age of 7 from neighborhood lemonade and candy stands, setting up shop on a public golf course...
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Craig Gagne

Maintenance Director

When I was a teenager, people would drive down the street where my parent’s home was located and see me up on the roof washing down the Spanish Tile.  While some of the neighbors poked fun at me, I was very proud that our home looked the best on the street.  Most people don’t think about dirt on the roof, but I do...
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Ruben Aguilar

Ruben Aguilar

Maintenance Assistant

I started out this journey as a professional Chimney Sweep!  Now, along with many duties I perform for the Verified Property Management maintenance team, I perform periodic inspections on one of your most valuable assets, your rental properties.  I ensure that smoke detectors are operating properly in each room...
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