Affordable Solutions for Rental Maintenance Nightmares in Santa Clarita, Ca

Maintenance nightmares are things every property owner and landlord wants to avoid. Today, we are talking to Craig, our maintenance director, about the subject of maintenance nightmares. This can be one of the biggest things that impedes your return on investment. We have a story and some tips to help you with rental maintenance.

Reducing Maintenance Costs

One of the biggest things we had to address once was a plumbing issue. The original estimate we received was for $5,000. That’s not pretty. But when we broke it down and took a look at what we actually needed, that $5,000 job was reduced to $1,300. Knowing enough about maintenance and working with the right vendors can save you money and help you handle these situations.

Developing Vendor Relationships

Have the proper vendors lined up. Whether it’s plumbing, restoration, or electrical work, you need to have those vendors in place and ready and on your side if there’s an emergency. When you get a late night phone call and you have to jump out of bed and scramble to take care of this problem, you need someone you can call right away to stop the bleeding and correct the problem. This also gives your tenants peace of mind that they’ll be helped.

This approach provides you with two benefits. First, you can keep good tenants in place. Second, it saves you money in the long term when our team can diagnose what you need and get you the best job at a cost that makes sense.

If you have concerns about property maintenance issues, we’d be happy to listen. If you have any questions about rental maintenance or property management in Santa Clarita, CA, please contact us at RPM Executives. We would be happy to help you do what you do best while our team takes care of the rest.