Avoiding Costly Repairs With Routine Rental Inspections in Santa Clarita, Ca

The best way to avoid costly repairs is through routine rental inspections. You need to stay on top of the attention and the repairs that your property needs. Today, we are talking to Craig, our maintenance director, about how to reduce rental costs through regular inspections. This is a hot topic when you’re renting a property and you have tenants in place. It can be costly if you don’t handle your maintenance issues effectively, efficiently, and affordably.

Making Routine Inspections a Priority

With routine inspections, you go into your rental property at least every three months. During this time, you can change the air filter, replace the batteries in the smoke detector and the carbon monoxide detector, and check on the property’s general condition. It also gives you the opportunity to talk with your tenant. You can discuss any questions or problems the tenant might have with the way the home operates. You can also ask about maintenance issues that might not have been reported and need to get fixed.

Saving Money with Routine Maintenance

The longer you wait to make repairs, the more expensive those repairs are going to become. It’s much better to take care of problems while they are small and manageable. That way, you won’t have to worry about them turning into costly repairs. If you stay on top of your property and pay attention to routine maintenance, you’ll save money and preserve its condition and value. You’ll also maintain a closer relationship with your tenants, which is important. They will be more willing to call you for small and big problems, because they’ll know you’re going to be responsive and get the issues fixed correctly and quickly.

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We believe in the importance of letting our maintenance team do what they do best, and we do the rest. They are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week to take care of any emergencies and other maintenance repairs. If you have any questions about avoiding rental costs or Santa Clarita property management , please contact us at RPM Executives.